Eastvale Bible Church

Your First Visit

What to expect

Visiting a new church can be pretty nerve-racking and it's only natural to have some concerns. Our prayer is that from your first visit Eastvale Bible Church is a place where you feel comfortable, welcome and free to worship God just as you are. 

​Here is what you can expect from your first visit with us.
  1. What are the people like?
    What are the people like?
    None of us are perfect, but you can expect to be greeted in love and welcomed to just experience what God is doing at Eastvale Bible Church.
  2. How should I dress?
    How should I dress?
    You can dress down or dress up, it’s totally up to you. We just want you to feel at home and experience God’s presence.
  3. How about my kids?
    How about my kids?
    We have something for the whole family. We have Kidz Zone Children’s Church for the little ones. Also, we have a wide range Sunday and Weekday Life Groups (Bible Studies) to help you grow spiritually.